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Moiya Corro-Check

Moiya Corro-Check is a solution rust remover / converter and passivator.It can de-rust and passivate the metal surface in one simple operation. It protects costly metal structure and equipment from corrosion & provides an ideal surface for application of paint coatings.

Method of Use
For de-rusting the composition is applied on degrased surface by swabbing or brushing and is allowed to stand 5 to 20 minutes depending on fine intensily of rust. when all the rust gets dissolved another coat of fresh solution is applied to air dry. The componets could also be dipped in a bath containing the composition for 5 to 20 minutes then removed and allowed to air dry. It is important to note that the treatment surface should not come in contact with water for 24 hours. The composition could also be swabbed. brushed or componet dropped after de-rusting treatment by any other method (like picking ) to get anti-rust coating.

Covering capacity
* Approximately 200-400 sq.ft / ltr. if derusting & passivating are required simultaneously
* Approximately 300 sq.ft /ltr. if only passivating is required on a clean surface.

Treatment could be done at room temperature. It is non-toxic in nature, safe to handle and dose not emit harmful fumes or objectionable offensive odour. It has a long storage life. Treated surface does not need to be washed with water. Due to its forming a complex passive coating, the surface becomes impervious to moisture even at 1000 C to 1200C

Our caution
* Rust never sleeps - Be awake - Use Moiya Corro - Check *

Packing 50 Ltrs HDPE Carboys

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